Top Trends to Be Aware of in 2022

by | Jan 5, 2022

Nonprofits: Top Trends to Be Aware of in 2022

What are the top trends that nonprofits need to be aware of in 2022? It’s a good question considering the past few “unprecedented” years. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we’ve seen and experienced a lot with our nonprofit accounting clients. And considering our efforts to help nonprofits fulfill their missions with the right financial information on time, all the time….we’ve identified and are sharing what top nonprofits are doing right now to prepare themselves for continued success in 2022. 

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Nonprofits who embrace technology are making a more significant positive impact on their organization. With the right technology, NFPs are discovering cost-effective efficiencies and optimal ways to do marketing and conduct fundraising. A recent survey, called the Nonprofit Trends Report, showed that most nonprofits expect to do most of their work online within only three years. That is, using technology to run their operations (including accounting), hire new people, work remotely, and conduct all fundraising, just to name a few. 

Social Media

In the same vein as technology, social media is a critical tool for engagement. It’s one of the most effective ways to market programs and interact with supporters. If not already, NFPs should increase their use of social media to share success stories, show volunteer efforts, promote fundraising campaigns — all while using appropriate hashtags to introduce others to their cause. 


​​Today’s effective management teams concentrate on diversity, equity, and inclusion. As mission-driven organizations, nonprofits must continue to remain accountable and lead by example. Internally, check with employees to identify and address workplace disparities and strive to improve inclusivity for everyone. Outside the organization, aim to implement diverse coalitions of board members, community leaders, and business partners to make sure all are represented and heard. 


The pandemic did much to disrupt in-person volunteer efforts over the past two years. Still, many NFPs had the agility and flexibility to pivot and embrace alternatives — especially virtual events. Those are here to stay, along with hybrid models, where there are opportunities to help in-person or remotely. Consider virtual streaming or another online attendance option and add a donation button to those web-based initiatives. Also, more corporations will be looking for ways to improve their image and boost their charitability in 2022 (and beyond.) Capitalize on those initiatives by establishing partnerships where your organization can safely provide meaningful volunteer opportunities that are beneficial for all.  


Successful fundraising has changed forever. Today’s donors like to give when their experience with your organization is less transactional and more personal. Get to know your donors personally and show that you share their values. Ask for their feedback and show the impact that their donations are making. Donors want to see that their contributions are making a difference. Also, if not already, create a monthly subscription service program that automatically renews. Why? Monthly givers donate more funds over time than one-time donors. Other things to concentrate on in 2022 are corporate philanthropy, Facebook Fundraisers, and the ability to accept cryptocurrency donations. All have proven highly successful in sustaining profits. 

Now’s the Time to Strengthen Your Organization

Which of these trends do you plan to embrace in 2022? If you outsource your nonprofit’s accounting to experts like us, you’ll gain back the time and resources necessary to implement many of them. Now is the time to optimize your financial procedures to find ways to enhance and strengthen your organization. So let’s team up to bring those opportunities to light. Schedule a free consultation call with us today.

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