“I know that grant money is being spent
the way it’s supposed to be spent.”

About Us

Qbix was formed in 2008 in Macon, Ga, just south of Atlanta.  Our goal is to provide much higher levels of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses and non-profits than they could achieve on their own.  Qbix was founded on the premise that all businesses need good financial information at an affordable price.  A cloud based bookkeeping and accounting strategy was developed in which we collaborate with the customer organization’s staff under a Fixed Price Agreement.

We knew that we couldn’t provide this service at this high level unless we are all working on the same system LIVE!  In the old days, accountants would receive a box of “stuff” and “spit” back a financial statement a few weeks later.  Many accountants have updated this method only by getting an “accountants’ copy” of their Quickbooks file.  We work in the cloud WITH YOU, not around you.

All this is built out to help fulfill our mission: “to help our customers fulfill their missions and goals by providing them with the right financial information on time, all the time.”

Today we are proud to be able to provide very high level services at prices that are affordable to small businesses and non-profits.

Non-profits Can Now:


Be More Efficient

Spend time improving operations, better serving constituents, and growing the organization by removing the daily distractions of accounting.


Reduce Costs

Pay one fixed monthly fee for everything. Outsourcing accounting can save up to 40% in monthly costs, when you consider the all the costs including software.


Reduce Fraud

Accounting duties that should be separated increase the risk of fraud. Outsourced accounting provides additional checks and balances.


Improve Cash Flow

Access to cloud based tools and technologies can help organizations get paid faster and manage payments more effectively.


Have Highly Qualified & Experienced Staff

by having a team of accountants and CPAs working together to take care of your books.


Have Ability to Scale

Scaling your organization becomes easier. Outsourcing grows automatically with your business.  You can focus on hiring the best people to sell your products and service your customers.


Have Reliable Everyday Accounting Services

Outsourcing eliminates issues with your staffing by having accounting staff at your call 52 weeks a year.


Better Manage the Organization

Outsourcing provides real time information on all aspects of the organization, not just financials, with the click of a mouse.

Qbix is Here to Help.

From billings to payables and everything in between, Qbix has you covered.

It’s easy to get started!

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Step 1 –15 Minute Introductory Call

During this call, we’ll tell you a little bit about Qbix and give you a high-level overview of how we’ll handle your non profit accounting on an outsourced basis.  This call will last about 15 – 20 minutes.  We know you’ll like what you hear!

Step 2 – Discovery Call

In the next step, we’ll schedule a Discovery Call/Needs Assessment.  During this call/meeting, we’ll dive a little deeper into your current non profit accounting processes.  We’ll ask a lot of questions. You’ll ask a lot of questions. And together we’ll determine the services you want Qbix to provide.  This generally lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

outsourced nonprofit accounting firms
outsourced nonprofit accounting

Step 3 – Proposal Call

After the Needs Assessment Call, we’ll prepare a proposal of Qbix non profit accounting services customized for your organization. This will include a “Statement of Work” which will list the work duties to be assigned to Qbix and any that will be assigned to you.

Don't Sweat the Numbers!

Be the smartest person in the room when it comes to nonprofit accounting for 

your organization, because Qbix has your back!