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Nonprofit Accounting Reports – On Demand

See what matters most to your nonprofit with key metrics from most any perspective – business driver, entity, product, geography, channel and more.

Rich Insights

On Demand

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Revolutionize Your Nonprofit Accounting

Get accurate, efficient insights for your nonprofit organization on demand. Qbix leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide customized nonprofit accounting reports with clear visuals that are easy to navigate. With a click of your mouse, you’ll be able to access real-time financial information on any device.


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Cloud-Based Ecosystem

Our fully integrated, cloud-based nonprofit accounting ecosystem uses the latest technology with built-in security to handle your daily processes, monthly reconciling, and year-end reporting.

Nonprofit Bookkeeping

We orchestrate bookkeeping and nonprofit accounting systems that help you manage your organization.

Bill Payment

Take the worry out of paying bills. We can process your bills and slash bill approval and payment time by 50 percent. Our enhanced workflow and approval processes improve your internal controls and make it easy to define multiple levels of approval electronically. Say goodbye to “check-signing Friday.”

KPI Reports and Dashboards

You’ll have real-time operational and financial visibility via role-based dashboards, providing rich reporting and analytics. You can keep a pulse on the financial health of your nonprofit organization or individual projects and accurately budget for the months ahead.

Accounts Receivable

Get paid two to three times faster with our customized ACH and credit card solutions.

Nonprofit Grant Reporting

You’ll have the ability to track an unlimited number of funding sources, including dues, grants, endowments, sponsorships, donations, retail sales and more – and you can tie time and expenses at the employee, task or project level back to one or more sources of funds.

Monthly Financial Reports

We will provide the month-end financial reports you need for your team, finance committee, board members and any other constituents who may need them.


Enjoy payroll, tax, benefits, and human resources services through our preferred integrated nonprofit accounting solutions.

Tax Preparation Assistance

While we don’t take over the duties of your current CPA in the areas of the annual audit or filing 990s, we will provide your organization’s data to your CPA and/or tax preparer.

Common Financial Reports

Balance Sheets
Income Statements
Weekly Cash Flow Forecasts
Accounts Receivable Reports
Accounts Payable Reports
Custom Internal Reports and More

Our services are provided under a Fixed-Price Agreement which means no surprise billings to you.

Let Us Prepare Your Form 990

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