What is the most important 2017 New Year’s resolution for your Nonprofit?

A quick Google search of 2017 resolutions for nonprofit organization yields some inspiring and creative goals for the coming year including: more personal responses to donor, increased visibility in the community, professional development, creative breaks, tell a great story, develop more multi-channel fundraising campaigns, uncover creative ways to attract and retain volunteers, and more – literally thousands of novel ideas.

But there was one glaring omission

But there was one glaring omission – one resolution that many, many nonprofits should have on their 2017 list. What wasn’t mentioned in the dozens of articles and thousands of blog posts?

Addressing the accounting needs of the organization.

We get it. Typically, accounting is pretty much out of sight, out of mind. Until you need a report. Or until you get a call from a vendor saying they haven’t received a payment but you’re pretty sure that a check was issued last week. Accounting remains out of sight and out of mind until a few days before the Board Meeting when you’re scrambling to put together the necessary reports.

Why not make 2017 the year you deal with improving your accounting processes once and for all?

Outsource your nonprofit accounting today and never worry about incomplete or late reports ever again. Outsource your nonprofit accounting and maintain a lean administration staff – no more candidate searches only to be frustrated by the lack of qualified prospects, or by the salary requirements of qualified candidates. Outsource your nonprofit accounting and forget about sinking a big chunk of money into accounting software, the server, hardware and network for the software, and the software training necessary to get your team proficient on the software.

resolution for your NonprofitWhy should outsourcing your accounting be your primary 2017 New Year’s resolution for your Nonprofit?

Most Executive Directors and their staff don’t have a background in accounting – nor do they want to develop that skill set at this point in their career. Nonprofits outsource their accounting to Qbix because we do have deep experience in accounting. Not only accounting but nonprofit accounting. We understand just how different a nonprofit’s accounting needs are from a commercial business. We understand the reporting complexities that you face with multiple sources of funding.

We’re able to perform those services for you using the best people and cutting edge, cloud-based technology. The best part? It’s completely affordable. You pay a monthly flat fee based on your accounting needs. If your needs increase in the future, we can address that need. If your needs decrease, you can scale back your services.

We gauge our success on the success of our clients, nonprofit organizations throughout Georgia and the United States. When we hear comments like, “I wished we would have outsourced our accounting years ago,” we know we’ve met the mark. And we’re pleased that accounting is no longer an Achilles Heel for our clients.

The most important 2017 New Year’s resolution for your Nonprofit

You don’t need to endure substandard accounting. Make outsourcing accounting to Qbix your resolution for your Nonprofit. Get the best staff and reporting capabilities from Qbix. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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