What is the Number 1 Time-Saving Tip for Nonprofit Executive Directors? You reach the end of the day and it’s been exhausting. You’ve moved from one thing to another to another and yet – with all the motion and activity there is little forward progress. You’ve been unable to focus on the strategic needs of the organization because operational tactics are gobbling up huge chunks of precious time.

It’s natural to stop and ask yourself, as Executive Director or CEO, is your time being spent in the best possible way? In order to redirect your energy to the more strategic concerns, where are the opportunities to save precious time?

What is the Number 1 Time-Saving Tip for Nonprofit Executive Directors?

What is the Number 1 Time-Saving Tip for Nonprofit Executive Directors? Outsourcing. Outsourcing your accounting is obviously, our most urgent suggestion – we’ve seen the resulting benefits for nonprofits over and over again.

Here are just a few scenarios that demonstrate how your time is saved:

What is the Number 1 Time-Saving Tip for Nonprofit Executive Directors?Expert advice and experience. Experts get the job done more quickly. We’ve had the accounting practice. We have the mental “muscle memory” from doing the work every day. Outsource your nonprofit accounting to Qbix and immediately benefit from the deep experience of our veteran nonprofit accounting team.

No hiring, on-boarding, and re-hiring of accounting staff. Many nonprofit executive directors can’t get out from under the burden of accounting duties because it’s difficult to attract, hire and retain the candidate with the perfect skill set. Outsourcing means you won’t have the frustration of hiring and on-boarding, only to have the person leave and find yourself back at square one looking to hire and on-board a new hire again. When you outsource, you gain continuity. Your Qbix accounting team is always there for you. There’s no disruption.

Limit your time in accounting to writing a check and report analysis. It’s really that easy. Better yet, it’s really affordable to outsource your accounting to Qbix. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our fixed monthly fee. But what you’ll enjoy even more is on-time, accurate financial reporting. You’ll have the data to know the exact status of program spending as well as the overall financial health of your organization. You’ll approach board meetings with more confidence. You’ll approach prospective donors with data-backed transparency of mission fulfillment.

In short, you’ll have the time to do the things you want to do. The answer to ‘What is the Number 1 Time-Saving Tip for Nonprofit Executive Directors?’ is just this simple: outsourcing.

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Rocky Davidson Macon, GA