When you outsource your nonprofit accounting, you solve two problems for the price of one.

The decision to outsource secures the proper accounting expertise (human resources) and equips your organization with the leading software solutions (technology resources). It’s a decision that will save you money, but more importantly will save you time.

For smaller nonprofit organizations, this means that no one (neither you nor admin support staff) will be distracted from their primary responsibilities with extra accounting tasks. For larger organizations, it means that you won’t have to add administration costs in the form of new hires. When you outsource your nonprofit accounting, regardless of the size of your organization, you, your program managers, executive team, and board will benefit from reliable, accurate, timely reporting.

Addressing your organization’s critical concerns

The truth is there are so many other matters where your time would be better spent: exploring additional funding sources, meeting with major donors, developing strategies for cultivating donors, strategizing expansion of programs – to name just a few.

Most nonprofits find that the need for their services is outpacing the funding of their services.

Working with Qbix, you and your team are free to devote your time and energy to these more strategic initiatives. Plus, you will be equipped with better reporting to inform your decisions.

Expert talent at work for your nonprofit

The Qbix team expertise goes beyond nonprofit accounting. We understand nonprofits. We understand technology and the best solutions available on the market. We look for ways to automate and streamline processes for you for better results, lower costs, and greater efficiencies.

At the most basic level, you benefit from an accounting team that is always working. No more struggling to keep up while searching for an ideal candidate to hire. No more scheduling around vacations and personal time off – our team is always there.

“I wish I had outsourced sooner…”

The nonprofits that have outsourced their accounting to us, have all shared the sentiment that they wish they had outsourced sooner. Mostly because it was such a fast and easy solution once they made the decision.

Their decision to outsource usually happened after months of unsuccessfully trying to hire or the departure of their in-house accounting person.

What is the state of your nonprofit accounting? Is it a constant source of frustration? We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it would be to work with Qbix. Why not give us a call to explore how we might help you?

Rocky Davidson Macon, GA