What if I told you that there was a site that attracted 7 million annual online visitors with an interest in nonprofits?

That’s 19,000+ daily visitors

Increase Awareness of Your NonprofitThese visitors are comprised of funders, individual donors, financial advisors, volunteers, other nonprofits and people in need. In fact, the site attracts 70 thousand staff at foundations around the world.

The visitors to this site are looking to provide funding, donate their money, or volunteer their time and talent – to name just a few reasons for the 7 million visits each year.

The Nonprofit Quarterly had written about this site and reports it has “thirty-five thousand daily visitors – and we’re not event counting the thousands more who access the information via a growing series of application programming interfaces (APIs)…”

A place for nonprofits to share their contact information and more

The site is Guidestar.org and the opportunity is available to all nonprofits…for free.

For many nonprofits, a profile on Guidestar will get many, many more views than their “About Us” page, or all website pages combined for that matter.

There is no catch. You probably have heard of Guidestar, but I’d encourage you to devote time to taking a closer look at what they do for nonprofits.

Here is Guidestar’s President and CEO, Jacob Harold’s explanation of Guidestar, “Guidestar exists to help people make more intelligent decisions within the social sector. That all starts with better data about nonprofits. Nonprofits are better positioned that anyone else to tell their own story. Our job is to take that data and amplify it. In the end, it’s the people, communities and ecosystems served by the nonprofits that will benefit.”

Increase Awareness of Your Nonprofit

Increase Awareness of Your Nonprofit – Too busy to devote time to this work?

If you’re busy with accounting, sorting receipts and paper work, and paying bills – you need to outsource those duties to Qbix Accounting Solutions so that you can address the more strategic work of funding the programs and services your constituents and community depend on. And almost always, that begins with telling your story to those who can provide the critical funding you need.

Doesn’t Guidestar publish 990s? Why should I provide more information?

The 990s are old. You have the opportunity to share your most up-to-date information just by registering (painless and free) and sharing basic information such as contact information, mission statement, geographic area served, program names, as well as profiles of your leadership and board chair.

Ambitious organizations prefer to have their audited financial reports (or basic financial information) reflect their current financial status rather than information from 990s that are a couple or more years old.

The savvy nonprofits take it a step further and provide information on Five Charting Impact questions (goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress).

Your listing on Guidestar will improve your search rankings

Having what is deemed a high authority website pointing to your website, improves your authority. Guidestar has a Moz ranking of 90 (Google has a Moz ranking of 100, the AICPA has a Moz ranking of 84, most of the nonprofits we serve have Moz rankings between 20 and 30).

Just ensuring that your website is correct and published on Guidestar will be a tremendous benefit.

For more information on Guidestar profiles, the Nonprofit Quarterly has written an outstanding article – click here to connect.

Or you can go straight to the source and claim your valuable online space with Guidestar by clicking here.

Go ahead, take that step and increase awareness of your nonprofit.

And remember, if you need to clear your plate of accounting and clerical tasks, Qbix stands ready with a team that specializes in nonprofit accounting and nonprofit technology.

Rocky Davidson Macon, GA