How Meals on Wheels America “Kills Stupid Work”

It’s unusual phrase: “Kill Stupid Work.” But it draws attention to something Meals on Wheels America wants to avoid and serves as a rallying cry.

“We don’t spend the time we used to spend in spreadsheets trying to build reports and try to get an answer to a question the CEO has,” shared Meals on Wheels CFO Don Miller at the annual conference Sage Intacct Advantage 2017. The organization now leverages technology, specifically Sage Intacct nonprofit accounting software to “kill stupid work” by getting rid of as many non-value-adding processes as possible so that the team can focus on more strategic activities.

The results speak for themselves, the accounting team, armed with Sage Intacct, have been able to:

• Shortened month-end close time by one-third
• Enjoyed a 3X – 4X improvement in forecasting process time and accuracy
• Slashed audit preparation field work by 60%
• Doubled revenue since 2013, with only a 25% increase in finance team staffing

This transformation did not happen overnight. A new CEO joined the organization in 2013 with the goal of modernization and greater data visibility. The complexities of grant-funding and the dramatic changes in healthcare meant that Meals on Wheels could be an even more important component in the healthcare continuum with their constituent services.

How Meals on Wheel America created a new model for success: Command over financials

Meals on Wheels uses Sage Intacct – the solution we recommend for all of our clients. The flexibility of this nonprofit accounting solution allows nonprofits to do things they can’t do with entry level systems and spreadsheets. It better tracks restricted funds, projects and allows data to be sliced and diced based on any number of dimensions.

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