Helping Our Seniors in Georgia – There was a very interesting article ‘Growing Older in Georgia’ recently published in GeorgiaTrend.

Are the following desirable lifestyle features for Millennials or Seniors?

  • Easy access to stores, restaurants, and offices
  • Ability to get somewhere without driving
  • Walkable communities
  • Parks
  • Affordable housing options

Turns out the list appeals to both demographics. Or, as Becky Kurtz (Atlanta Area Agency on Aging at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and manager of the ARC’s Aging & Health Resources Division) puts it, “The baby stroller and the wheelchair need the same ramp.”

The article points out some dramatic statistics:

How to help seniors age well in Georgia is a matter of some urgency. In 2030, the Census Bureau estimates that more than 20 percent of the state’s residents will be 60 or older. That’s an increase of almost 34 percent from 2012. In 2016 Forbes dubbed Atlanta – that millennial haven – as America’s most rapidly aging city, with a 20 percent increase in the share of senior population from 2010-2014. Ten percent of the city’s population is already over 60, according to ARC data.

The nonprofit community has already contributed to helping seniors remain independent, postponing long-term care, with creative and critical services like Meals on Wheels. This article also suggests that technology has a significant role to play as well. Enjoy the full report here.

Helping Our Seniors in Georgia
Rocky Davidson, CPA
Macon, GA