Sometimes the truth of the matter needs to remain anonymous.  This is a fictionalized account of some very real experiences.

This is an excerpt from the eBook ‘Confessions of Nonprofit Executive Directors – Seven Unspoken (but All Too Familiar) Reasons for Outsourcing Accounting

Kevin M. (not his real name), is a charismatic and forthright leader.  Early in his career he had great success as a fundraiser which led to his promotion to development director.  He then moved to a larger nonprofit and served as their development director.  His ultimate goal was to become an Executive Director, and soon that day arrived.

With a chuckle, Kevin admits “My first day as Executive Director came complete with a long list of audit findings.  I was hired to clean up a mess.  I made it clear that cleaning up the mess would mean change and I was going to be an agent of change out of the gates.”

Audit Findings“The organization needed an extreme accounting makeover and the truth of the matter is that while we needed Finance Director level expertise, we couldn’t afford to hire that level of expertise,” Kevin recalls.  “In order for me to do the job I was entrusted with, I needed nonprofit accounting experts.  I could access that level of expertise by outsourcing.”

Kevin’s organization has outsourced its accounting for two years now.  “Now we can afford to bring people in house, but why?  We can maintain a higher level of performance with Qbix and enjoy business continuity through outsourcing our accounting. Qbix doesn’t call in sick or take a vacation,” Kevin says with a smile.

“We don’t have to worry about evaluating, purchasing, and implementing  nonprofit accounting software or technology,” points out Kevin.  “But we do get to benefit from the best nonprofit accounting and technology that Qbix has vetted and uses on our behalf.”

“I’m a big believer in Keep It Simple,” shares Kevin.  “There are enough challenges nonprofits face without adding accounting to the pile.  I’m happy to outsource to experts who can make my life easier and supply me with the information I need to take my organization to the next level.

And what about subsequent audits?  “Rocky and his team have turned that ship around. They know what the auditors will want.  We are always prepared,” Kevin says.  “Audits are no longer a source of anxiety.”

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Rocky Davidson Macon, GA