Is Accounting the Blind Spot of Your Meals On Wheels Nonprofit Organization? – As the Chief Executive of Meals On Wheels you must manage many moving parts: a dynamic distribution network, strenuous compliance that comes with Federal and State funding, the increasing complexities of the national healthcare environment, and the increasing needs of a growing senior population in America.

The last thing you need is to be blindsided by delayed or inaccurate financial reporting. Your decisions need to be prompt and data driven. If the Board or funders have questions, you need to be able to quickly access the reports you need and drill down to the level of detail necessary.

Qbix Accounting Solutions has quickly become to go-to nonprofit accounting outsourcing services provider for Meals On Wheels organizations. We enjoyed meeting with Meals on Wheels organizations at the Annual Conference & Expo this past August in Denver.

The conference mirrored the concerns of Meals On Wheels organizations across the country: making Meals On Wheels programs “stronger, more sustainable and able to better meet the growing demand of the most vulnerable among us. Federal and local governments, healthcare systems, business and communities will need to come together to change the way this country cares for its seniors…”

Is Accounting the Blind Spot of Your Meals On Wheels Nonprofit Organization?

With so much at stake, best practices and sound accounting processes need to be in place. Transparency and accountability begin with sound financials. Sustainability depends on an accurate assessment of the financial health of the organization.

Today’s technology has enabled new business models that put an emphasis on outsourcing as a best practice to quickly transform your Meals On Wheels accounting function. Outsourcing, in most cases, costs considerably less than hiring accounting staff and implementing the nonprofit accounting tools they’d need to do their job.

Hiring may take many months of evaluating candidates to find the right person to hire. Outsourcing can be implemented quickly, employing just the right level of accounting expertise your organization needs.

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