Timely & Accurate Form 990 Prep for Nonprofits 

Form 990 – Required by the IRS

The Form 990, mandated by the Internal Revenue Service, is essential for reporting your nonprofit’s activities and impacts various groups, including:

Your Organization



Form 990s are Time-Intensive

It can span at least 16 pages and requires meticulous attention to detail. In fact, organizations can dedicate more than 200 hours to its preparation, necessitating a thorough review and understanding of comprehensive financial records and information.

nonprofit accounting

The Form 990 covers (but is not limited to) the following categories:

Number of voting members

Number of volunteers

Total contributions

Member benefits

Number of employees

Total income

Investment income

Fundraising fees

By entrusting Qbix to prepare your nonprofit’s Form 990, you gain access to specialized tax expertise, ensure precise compliance, and significantly reduce the risk of errors or penalties.

990-N (e-postcard)

Annual gross receipts normally under $50K 

Organizations eligible to file the e-postcard may choose to file a full return.



Annual gross receipts under $200K

Total assets under $500K


990 Full

Annual gross receipts over $200K

Total assets over $500K

Starting at $2500


Private foundations, regardless of financial status.


Available to the Public

The Form 990 is publicly accessible, serving as a transparent window into your organization, revealing its mission, impact, achievements, and financial status. It’s a key asset for presenting your nonprofit in a positive light.

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