Form 990 Preparation for Nonprofits 

Form 990 – Required by the IRS

The Form 990 is required by the Internal Revenue Service to report on your organization and its activties. This form impacts many groups, including:

Your Organization



Form 990s are Time-Intensive

This form is at least 16 pages long. As recommended by the IRS, an organization may need over 200 hours of preparation, or more to complete it. The form requires exhaustive, detailed financial records and information.

nonprofit accounting

The Form 990 covers (but is not limited to) the following categories:

Number of voting members

Number of volunteers

Total contributions

Member benefits

Number of employees

Total income

Investment income

Fundraising fees

Available to the Public

The Form 990 is available to both the government and to the public. It is a window into your organization; its mission, its impact, and its finances. It is a critical element in putting your best foot forward and showing your organization in the best light possible.

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