8 Great Financial Lessons – A Daughter Shares Her Father’s Advice:  CNBC posted a wonderful article yesterday. Marguerita Cheng shares the financial lessons she learned from her father who “emigrated from Taiwan in the 1960s with only $17 to his name and the clothes on his back.”

Some of the 8 Great Financial Lessons include:

  • Teach your children to work hard – Children need to understand the correlation between work and earnings from a young age.
  • Help them learn to save – As soon as they are old enough to start filling up a piggy bank, they can begin saving.
  • Teach them to give – Cheng points out that this lesson presents an opportunity for kids to discover what they value most and how to support that in an active way.
  • For more of the 8 Great Financial Lessons, read more here.

The article also shares a disturbing statistic from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Foundation: it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test.

Combine a general lack of financial literacy with an economy that is almost at full employment and it is perfectly understandable why most nonprofits don’t have adequate accounting talent.

Good stewardship requires that you overcome these problems. Outsourcing your organization’s accounting may be a perfect solution for your organization.

Qbix Accounting Solutions provides outsourced accounting solutions for nonprofit organizations. The most common feedback we receive after a client has been on board with us for a month or two is, “I wish we had outsourced years ago.” Outsourcing is hassle-free and gives you the very best when it comes to accounting standards. Your board will love it.

We make it easy for you. We address your accounting activities promptly, using experienced personnel. Our personnel understand nonprofit accounting and are proficient on the latest best practices and leading technology. For the same cost as a FTE – we can provide a team of accountants and a level of financial excellence that most job applicant’s simply can’t offer.

Why not make this year the year you solve your financial accounting deficiencies once and for all?  Give us a call, we will put together to a plan tailored to your organization. You will be in a better position to lead the organization towards fulfillment of your mission.